On Being 24


It's been almost one year since my last post here, and as usual, I keep being a lazy blogger. I have a private journal where I can rant and write basically everything I want to write, so... well, in my defense, I kind of writing. Kind of, because this space is my actual space where I can hone my writing skills. (Well Neng, better remember what do you want to be!).

Anyways, happy new year. I don't celebrate new year nor regard the day as a special day, but I follow other people -- writing resolutions and all. And because my birthday is in the end of the year, the beginning of the year is always a decent time to do some reflection and planning. That's actually one of the reason why I'm back to this blog. I'm thinking about deleting the contents, like those instagrammers and bloggers starting from clean slate -- and for me, especially, to delete those neglecting archives that embarrass me as a "blogger". But no, in the end, I will keep it as is, serves as a reminder how I need to be more diligent in writing.

Last birthday was my 24th birthday. I vaguely remembered what I thought about an adult me when I was 17 or younger, but basically, nothing changed much and nothing stays much. Last year I changed jobs albeit still in the same industry, went through some issues with boys, visiting some cities, attend friend's weddings, dealing with father's health issues and money matter.... in the end, I gained some experiences and life lessons.

Here are 24 things I am thankful about last year:

  1. I went to visit my friends in three different cities: Jakarta, Solo, Jogja.

  2. Five of my good friends were married and I was able to attend all of them! Isn't that great?

  3. I went through a kind of, well, ~heart~ issues? I'm sure I can laugh about it now.

  4. I bought my brother a new cellphone. It's a small thing but I felt good.

  5. Towards the end of the year, Dad's health condition got worse. I don't consider this as a good thing; but I am still being thankful that there are kind people who always there for me, for us.

  6. I learned to manage money and save more.

  7. My sister got accepted to the university and major she really wanted. Couldn't be more proud.

  8. Lost my job at the end of the year, but I get a new one. The workload is heavier and the paycheck is so-so, but the work environment is a lot better than before.

  9. My writing partner write me beautiful stories for our project throughout the year, despite the fact the plot ended early. I will write more!

  10. Last year I am getting so worried about life and future because it seems getting harder and I can't breathe. Thankfully I got many loving friends behind my back.

  11. I catched up a lot with old friends. I don't want to be left behind, I need to work harder.

  12. Despite some financial issues, I can still hang out and eat fancy meals.

  13. And travel to different cities, by train. I love trains.

  14. One of my favorite actor is so busy in the industry right now he got some dramas and movies under his belt.

  15. And my favorite kpop group, too. (hint hint f(x) )

  16. I watched a lot of movies I've never seen before, mostly recommended and I like most of them.

  17. My main family bond is still being stronger than ever. We got into fight but we never really hate each other.

  18. Despite the tight paycheck and lots of needs, I am able to support my own siblings and home budgets. Yay me? Adulting win? Not yet.

  19. I still get internet access! information! Education!

  20.  My contract work extended into a full year. I can use this opportunity to hone my skills and juggling time management better.

  21. I have people to vent when I feel alone and mad for some strange reasons.

  22. My extended family was doing quite well, too.

  23. Dad used to be the most strict father ever. Nowadays I can stroll around or went to many places / going out late. the privilege of being 24?

  24.  I got my supernova full set... simple things that makes you happy.

Being 24 is the same as another birthday -- you look forward for the change but nothing really changes. The one who decide to change is ourselves. So my plan for this year is to keep changing, gaining experiences, creating, and do instead of keep planning. Less talk, do more.

Because in the end, I am still 24. :)