Hello and welcome to Tiny Dolce!

I am M. I'm almost 23 years old and currently residing
in Bandung, Indonesia; you can call me M in short, since I won't share
my personal details until much later. I'm currently working eight to five while also just being a girl who loves graphic design and beautiful things. I'll post anything interests me about
art, design, and lifestyle in general. All in all, what interests me,
and I hope you're interested too. Simply speaking, this blog will be my inspiration board.

And I start another blog... yet again. I've been blogging since 2008 and changing urls and platforms ever since. The last time I tried wordpress and it lasts for a good 2 years before I've became bored with limited options in appearances; so I'm back to blogger again. Since I'm making a new one, I think I'm going to be more focus to the content while refining my writing skills. I will write with two languages: English and Indonesian, sporadically.

It's nearly October and I miss rain, yet I don't have a proper umbrella to cover myself if rainy season comes.

Until next post, then!